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ScubaEarth™ Tips and Enhancements

ScubaEarth now has nearly 40,000 members and the number grows daily.

Here are some recent updates to be aware of:

Home page redesign ScubaEarth’s homepage has been redesigned and now includes a video explaining the value and benefits of ScubaEarth to consumers. There is also the option to login with your Facebook, Google, Twitter or LinkedIn credentials after your initial sign up (scroll down past the screengrab for details).


Log in using social media credentials – Once you’ve created an account you can link ScubaEarth with your favorite social media site. From the ScubaEarth homepage, click either the Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn icon. After logging in using, for example your Gmail credentials, you will be prompted to link your ScubaEarth account. From that point forward, you can sign in using your selected social media login and password.

Advanced search option  – We made it easier for divers to connect with divers and PADI dive shops by doing an advanced search by name, filtered by a specific country, state or province. Site users can find the ‘Advanced Search’ link below the search box.

Logging dives – Logging a dive on ScubaEarth can take less than one minute with our streamlined process. After adding data for the five required fields (date, depth, temperature, visibility and bottom time), simply click the blue finish button.


You can also choose from recently logged dives so you don’t have to search for the dive site each time you want to log a dive.

Useful tip: Accessing the Site Quickly – Once you have registered for ScubaEarth for the first time via the PADI Pros’ Site, you can easily log via from then on which is considerably faster than via the Pro’s Site.

New ScubaEarth How To Videos Added

New videos include an overview of how to log a dive and how to add images or video (aka media) to your logged dive.

Existing videos include how to set up a ScubaEarth profile, how to add staff, and other useful topics.


Customer Services – Regional Guide and Extended Opening Hours

PADI Europe, Middle East and Africa strive to improve the Customer Service provided to PADI Members. We’ve created a Regional Guide as a reference to get in touch with your dedicated consultant. You’ll find the responsible PADI Staff Member for each region listed according to their departments. We are looking forward to working closely with you and are happy to help you with your daily business.

The opening hours have been extended in order to assist you longer during the day. The PADI Europe, Middle East and Africa Offices are now open

Monday to Thursday from 08:15h GMT to 17:15h GMT  /  09:15h CET to 18.15h CET, and Friday from 08:15h GMT to 16:00h GMT / 09:15h CET to 17.00h CET.

During these hours you have access to a full time team of friendly Customer Services Consultants that are ready to assist you in more than 10 languages.

Learn more about your PADI EMEA Regional Team! 

The PADI Europe, Middle East and Africa team know how important you are to us and we would like to take this opportunity and introduce you to our PADI team in person. As we are the largest regional office, speaking more than 10 different languages and having a spectrum of cultures within this region, it is important for us to maintain and to increase our personal touch and to reach out to our membership. To ensure that you know who you are dealing with on a day to day basis and who is there to assist you, we will start in this issue to bring our PADI Staff members into your dive shops / resorts. Our dedicated team are there to support you by offering advice, service and to assist you with the diverse aspects of your Membership, Sales Issues, Marketing, Training, Retail and Resort Issues etc.

Here is a short introduction to the ‘front office’ staff that you are most likely to speak to in Customer Services; there is also a team of ‘back office’ staff who process all of your PICs, member level applications and renewals.

As you can see below, we have most languages well covered! Make a note of who your contacts should be for your preferred language and call or email them if you need anything — they’ll be happy to help!

corrina_hawker_small Corrina Hawker
Areas covered: United Kingdom
Languages covered: EN
Tel: +44 117 300 7307
[email protected]

Coming from a strong Customer Service background, I have been with PADI for over 15 years. I enjoy providing assistance to our members and certified divers. I am a PADI Rescue Diver and I have had the pleasure of diving in some amazing locations and meeting awesome aquatic wildlife! I am also an Emergency First Response Instructor.” Corrina Hawker

Kate Myrlak
Areas covered: Eastern Europe/Lichtenstein/German Switzerland/Austria
Languages covered: PO/DE/EN
Tel: +44 117 300 7330
[email protected]

I am originally from Poland and I have been living in the UK for over a year. I joined the PADI team as a Customer Service Consultant in 2012. I speak fluent Polish, German and English, which I studied at Pedagogical University. I am interested in photography and water sports.” Kate Myrlak

eva_stevenson_small Eva Stevenson
Areas covered: Nordic Countries
Languages covered: SV/EN
Tel: +44 117 300 7281
[email protected]

I am originally from Sweden, but have lived in England for 26 years. I was employed by PADI to be one of the main contacts in the Customer Services Department for the members in the Nordic area. Apart from being very comfortable with communicating with all Swedish members, I am also very comfortable with written communication with Norwegian and Danish members in their own language.” Eva Stevenson

Lisa Skuse
Areas covered: Turkey/Africa
Languages covered: EN
Tel: +44 117 300 7393
[email protected]

I joined the PADI team in 2009 in the Certifications Department and was responsible for answering general enquiry emails and I also assisted with student level applications which were on hold. I am now a consultant in the Customer Services Department and I look forward to helping PADI members and divers in Turkey and Africa.” Lisa Skuse

sarah_joyce_small Sarah Joyce
Areas covered: Turkey/Africa
Languages covered: EN
Tel: +44 117 300 7262
[email protected]

I am originally from Wales and have lived in Bristol since I was 7. I joined PADI in 1999 (over 13 years ago) and started off working in the Diver Certifications Department and am now part of the Customer Services Department. I am happily married and have two lovely children. I gained my PADI Rescue Diver certification in 2003.” Sarah Joyce

Tom Mallett
Areas covered: Netherlands/Belgium/Cyprus/Greece/Malta
Languages covered: ES/FR/EN
Tel: +44 117 300 7319
[email protected]

I’m a modern languages graduate and I am proud to be a PADI Customer Services Consultant. I joined PADI in January 2013 and get to make good use of the French, Spanish and Italian I’ve learned through daily study and travelling.” Tom Mallett

amir_khalil_small Amir Khalil
Areas covered: Middle East/Israel/Egypt/North Africa
Languages covered: AR/EN
Tel: +44 117 300 7341
[email protected]

I am originally from Egypt and now living in the UK. I have been a PADI Professional since 2004, working my way up to an IDC Staff Instructor, and got the opportunity to join the PADI Office team in my current role as a Customer Services Consultant. I speak fluent English and Arabic is my native language. I enjoy providing excellent customer services to our members and divers.” Amir Khalil

Gorka Otaola
Areas covered: Spain/Canary Islands/Portugal
Languages covered: ES/EN
Tel: +44 117 300 7336
[email protected]

I have worked for the Customer Services Department at PADI since January 2011. I come from Bilbao, my native language is Spanish and I also speak fluent English. I am a keen diver who loves the underwater world!” Gorka Otaola

roger_schoenenberger_small Roger Schönenberger
Languages covered: DE/EN
Tel: +41 (52) 304 1423
[email protected]

I am originally from Switzerland and was employed by PADI in 2006. After two years in the back office (processing member applications), I joined the Customer Services Department front office team in 2008. My native language is German and I also speak fluent English. I am now overseeing the training of the Customer Services team. I am a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor and love to explore the beautiful underwater world whenever I can.” Roger Schönenberger

Sara Sartore
Areas covered: Italy/Italian Switzerland/Croatia/Maldives
Languages covered: IT/EN
Tel: +44 117 300 7349
[email protected]

I am Italian and originally I come from a little town near Venice. I decided to move to Bristol a couple of years ago after a University exchange experience. Shortly after my move I joined PADI Customer Services and I speak fluent English and Italian.” Sara Sartore

isabelle_lageard_small Isabelle Lageard
Areas covered: Germany
Languages covered: DE/EN/FR
Tel: +44 117 300 7891
[email protected]

After having studied philosophy at St Andrews University in Scotland, I moved to Bristol and joined the PADI team as a Customer Services Consultant. I speak fluent German, French and English, as my mother comes from Germany and I lived in France for some of my childhood. I am excited about providing an exceptional level of service to our members and cover the North and South of Germany.” Isabelle Lageard

Rinne Pikova
Areas covered: France/Switzerland/Luxembourg/Belgium
Languages covered: FR/DE/EN
Tel: +44 117 300 7333
[email protected]

I was born in France and lived in various European states before moving to England. I joined the PADI Customer Services team at the beginning of 2013 and I am enjoying discovering the diving world. My native language is French but I also speak German and English, which I studied at university.” Rinne Pikova

simona_barravecchia_small Simona Barravecchia
Areas covered: Italy / Spain
Languages covered: IT/SP/EN
Tel: +44 117 300 7357
[email protected]

I am a native Italian with fluent English and Spanish and I love dealing with languages and cultures. I spent the last two years in Genoa (Italy) specialising in Technical Translation and Interpreting. This experience has allowed me to broaden my horizons and to learn more about the world of languages. I have recently re-located to Bristol and have joined the PADI Customer Service Department. I look forward to supporting PADI members around the world.” Simona Barravecchia

New and Revised “Guidelines 2010” EFR Course Materials Now Available


CPR&AED Instructor Guide, Participant Manual, Final Exam – Italian

Primary and Secondary Care Instructor Guide, Participant Manual, Final Exam – Polish

Primary and Secondary Care Participant Manual and DVD (with subtitles) – Swedish

EFRI Trainer Guide and Lesson Guides – Dutch, French, German, Italian and Spanish

Digital EFR Instructor Manual – English, Russian

As soon as required materials are available from the Europe, Middle East and Africa Regional Headquarters, you need to begin incorporating them into your EFR courses to ensure the new Guidelines are reflected in your programs and materials.  Required implementation date for all revised EFR materials (English) was 1 January 2013.  For other languages – implement as soon as materials become available. 

Please refer to your EFR Instructor/Instructor Trainer Manual for required Instructor Trainer/Instructor/Participant materials lists

PADI Sportswear : Let’s tell the world about diving

Diving means penetrating in a complete different universe. This has been represented in PADI Sportswear, PADI Europe, Middle East and Africa’s new clothing collection. It tells about your world and your passion.

South African divers can purchase their apparel from a PADI Dive centre and dive centres can purchase PADI Sportswear locally from:

Aqua Divers 011 794 794 9444

Kewe Sales: 011 802 2986.


Click here to read Jean-Claude’s statement


Click here to read Robi’s statement

PADI Seal Team Crewpak – now available!

The PADI Seal Team Crewpaks with DVD are now available for purchase. The crewpak includes everything a PADI Seal Team member needs to prepare for their AquaMissions. Video on DVD? Check! AquaMission and Log book pages? Check!
Contact your Sales Consultant to order the Seal Team Crewpak for you’re your customers 8 years+.

Crewpak – PADI Seal Team with DVD (Dutch)
Crewpak – PADI Seal Team with DVD (French)
Crewpak – PADI Seal Team with DVD (German)
Crewpak – PADI Seal Team with DVD (Italian)
Crewpak – PADI Seal Team with DVD (Spanish)

New Email Requirement for PIC Online in Effect

All certifications submitted via PIC Online or DSD Registration Online now require a student email address.

Email addresses are required for quality management purposes and to help enhance diver safety by ensuring that the PADI courses and programs are conducted in accordance with PADI standards. History shows that customers taking PADI Programs are more likely to respond, and respond accurately, to Course Evaluation Questionnaires when the survey is received as quickly as possible following training, via email.

Your student has the ability to opt in or out of receiving promotional emails from PADI and its partners (Project AWARE, for example) at any time, including when the PIC Online is submitted. The screengrab below shows where you may indicate an email preference.

PADI email requirement PIC online

If your student is a minor, the email address of a parent or guardian may be provided if the parent or guardian chooses not to provide the minor’s email address. If the student does not have an email address, perhaps because they are a senior, please submit their information using a paper PIC or paper DSD registration form (as appropriate). This should only be done in limited circumstances where the customer does not have an email address.

As of 1 May 2013, you will not be able to submit a student via the online PIC form without a student email address. An error box will appear (see below) and the student will not be processed. If the student does not have, or chooses not to provide an email, please submit their certification or DSD registration using a paper form.


If your students question the need for an email address, please explain their address is only required for quality management purposes. The Course Evaluation Questionnaire they will receive via email helps us effectively and efficiently maintain PADI’s high standards for diving safety. The student may easily opt out of any PADI promotional mailings at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link which appears at the bottom of all our messages.

Use ScubaEarth to help increase your dive travel bookings!


ScubaEarth is a one-stop website for divers to find out about all things scuba. A large part of ScubaEarth is dedicated to detailed information on dive travel destinations and you can easily utilize this to help promote your dive trips and group travel.

One simple and easy way to promote your trips is to ensure that you regularly post your upcoming trips through your dive shops ‘Announcements’ function. This lets your dive crew know your travel schedule well in advance so that the have enough time to join you. Remember, divers see your last three announcements on every page of ScubaEarth if you are their affiliated store.

You can also wet their appetites by highlighting some of the information in the Featured Destination in your daily posts. Your crew and others can start to get a good idea of the destination essentials, marine life they may encounter, top dives sites and much more. They can also easily share this with their buddies on ScubaEarth, as well as other sites such as Facebook, to help you increase your travel bookings.

Another simple way to utilize ScubaEarth’s Destination Features and 50,000+ dive sites is to engage your crew by asking them which destinations they would like to visit on future dive trips. This is a great way to ensure you are providing the destinations which your divers are craving. You might be surprised by the valuable feedback you can gather including the new travel opportunities and bookings this may present for your dive shop.

Log in to and start updating your ScubaEarth ‘Announcements’ today!