ScubaEarth Spotlight: Build Your Gear Locker

As an online scuba community, ScubaEarth isn’t just a place to find information, it’s also a place for divers to make new connections. Those new connections are YOU! With over 50,000 users you want to make sure that divers have access to the most up to date information regarding your dive business. Your ScubaEarth gear locker is a feature that you can often overlook, but it’s a feature that definitely shouldn’t be forgotten.

A well-stocked gear locker means that any new divers looking for a PADI dive shop to try a DSD experience with, learn to dive, or do their advanced course, will easily be able to tell the brands you stock. As a potential customer, brand awareness automatically brings greater integrity to any decision about who to dive with. So keep on top of your gear locker by adding all the manufacturers you stock. If they’re not in the list, let us know who they are and we’ll add them.

Need assistance setting up your Stores Gear Locker? View the How to video below:


Don’t forget about your PADI Instructors & Divemasters Gear Lockers!

PADI Instructors and Divemasters are the first port of call for all new divers. When seeking advice on what they should purchase, it matters to them what their Instructor uses. If your instructors maintain their gear locker a student not only sees what brand of BCD, regulator, mask etc. they own, but even what model and type!

Log into ScubaEarth and start updating your gear locker today!

ScubaEarth hits 50,000 users!

scubaearth-hits-50-000The evolution is really taking hold! This month the ScubaEarth community reached 50,000 users and continues to grow. Thank you to all the PADI Dive Shops and Instructors that are already a part of the ScubaEarth community. PADI Members are the hub of this online resource, and it’s only with your support and presence that we continue to keep divers engaged and excited about diving.

If you haven’t already joined the evolution then now is a great time to do so. With more users to interact with, more dives being logged, and more dive trips being planned there is now an even bigger opportunity to engage with your potential customers.

50,000 possible connections, 50,000 ways to connect! Here’s a couple.

Announcement board – Make the most of your announcement board and spread the word about your upcoming trips and courses. Every diver who has chosen your store as their primary dive shop will receive your announcements straight to their homepage. Friends of these divers will also see your shops announcements when viewing their buddy’s page, so news about that upcoming trip overseas dive trip spreads even faster!

Log Dives – Logging dives is another opportunity to promote your online presence. For each dive site you establish, your name appears with a link back to your profile. So when users search the community map for recently logged dives, they’ll see your entries, providing credibility and showing you’re an active, engage dive professional.

Link to your Blog – Add your blogs RRS Feed directly to your ScubaEarth profile and keep your customers informed and up to date on what’s happening each week at your Dive Shop. Links take divers directly to your blog, increasing traffic to your website. The best bit is that once set up the RSS feeds posts automatically to ScubaEarth when you add a new entry!

Head to and join the growing community today!

Log Dives on ScubaEarth in August to show your support for Project AWARE

994915_10151524584721339_1182473098_nLooking for a new way for your business to show support for ocean protection?

This month ScubaEarth has teamed up with Project AWARE to bring you the Dollars for Dives promotion. For every logged dive on ScubaEarth in August, PADI will donate one dollar (US) per dive to Project AWARE to support ocean conservation – up to $100,000 US.

From grassroots Dive Against Debris projects to helping protect the world’s most threatened sharks and rays, Project AWARE’s conservations efforts are reliant upon PADI Members and Divers support. So this month take action and make your dives count for extra. Every dive you log via ScubaEarth contributes to the cause. You can log your favourite dives, or simply add all the dives that you complete during August.

Don’t forget to let your divers and students know what you are doing for ocean conservation, or better yet get them on board! Not only will they be a part of the movement of divers protecting our world’s ocean one dive at a time, but they will also have logged a range of dives that are directly affiliated with your dive shop. By encouraging your divers and students to tag all their logged dives with your shop it means that you also benefit from the word of mouth that this exciting new online community can offer.

If you haven’t signed up yet or logged on recently then there has never been a better reason to do so. Dollars for Dives will run for the month of August, so dive into ScubaEarth and start logging dives today!

Using Facebook insights to maximise your Facebook exposure

Recently Facebook has had a number of make overs, but for those using Facebook as a business tool one sticks out.

Facebook Insights

Have you ever used the insights tab on your Facebook business page? If the answer is no then now is the time to start taking it serious as a powerful tool to help maximise your business profile on Facebook.

If you have not already enabled the new Facebook Page insights then you can do so by going to your Business Page and under the insights tab selecting “learn more”

New Facebook insights

You will then be asked to click on a large green button that asks if you want to try new insights now.

Once in the new Facebook Page insights, take a moment to go through the tour that helps explain Insights.

Maximum exposure

Why a Facebook Business Page?  Simple to increase our business and create a relationship with our customers past, present and future.   Every time you post as your Business Page you are trying to get that particular post to as many fans as possible. The more people who see it the more exposure you get, right?

Right.  Do you just post an update when you have time?  Have you ever considered when your users are online?  Every time you post to your page you want as many people as possible to see the post. This is where the new insights becomes a powerful tool you can use to maximise your post exposure.

Once you have new Insights on your account click on Posts, then on “When Your Fans Are Online”

Facebook insights when fans are online

This then gives you an overview of when your Pages fans are online.  You will be able to see a break down for each day of the week  and also over a 24hr period.  As you can see in the image below I have highlight the optimal day and hour for a page I am admin on.  In this case Wednesdays at 17:00  would unsure a post would get maximum exposure to fans.

Facebook Insights finding out when your fans are online

From experience it seems late afternoon till late evening are the prime times across a number of countries, 17:00 – 21:00 seem to be prime Facebook times.   But check yours and see when is the best time and use this to your advantage!

Don’t worry if its late at night or out of business hours, you can use the schedule post function in Facebook quickly and easily.  Just click on the clock symbol on the bottom left of the status update box and add the time you require.

Facebook schedule post


Written by Trevor Sanford eMarketing and Social Media Executive for PADI. A Digital Marketer with a technical background, Trevor has extensive experience across all channels and currently works on all PADI’s Social Media projects.

South African Dive Rally 2013

Dive Rally FB Template (3)You may have heard that a dive rally is being organised in Johannesburg?

As an introduction this rally is an idea created by the PADI Dive Centre Westrand Breakfast Club dive schools and came out of a general discussion where they recognised the need to grow the diving industry in the adventure market, not just another show were we all compete against each other. Looking at any of the competitive industries eg. cycling they all have major events and rallies where their clubs get together in a neutral, non-threatening environment to celebrate the love of the sport and introduce it to their friends and family.

The aim of the rally is to “rally” the entire diving industry (including suppliers) from the bottom up to get together in force, and create the hype our industry needs, please note that no equipment sales will be allowed at this event. Based on the motorbike rally concept we are planning  big stage, live entertainment, food vendors, exhibitors, many events to participate in underwater and above!

The big picture being all dive centres and independent instructors standing together as a force, with their customers wearing the same t-shirts doing representing the scuba diving industry as a whole.

Benefits include something for divers to get excited about, dust of their gear and get back in your shop. They will have to purchase their tickets from their dive centre which means feet through the door which inevitably will lead to sales something we all need after winter!

We would love to have you and your divers at this event!

PADI has seen the value in this idea and has come the party by sponsoring the rally instead of being at the dive show.

The tickets sell for R250, adding up to a value of R1345 which includes   T-Shirts

  1. Free Entry into Miracle Waters
  2. Free Rally Glow in the dark silicone wrist Bangle
  3. Free Rally T-shirt
  4. And a free PADI Altitude Speciality course conducted on the day.
    • It does not include the price of registration (PIC), which the customer will pay after the fact with the dive centre.
    • It will not cost you as a dive school anything except the air fills and gear rentals which you can charge your customers.
    • We are planning this as a mass event at Miracle and if you join we will be contacting you with more info.

As an extra bonus If you or your instructors are not Altitude rated several course directors have offered to do the speciality instructor training free of charge (they will only pay registration with PADI). Registration for this will be kicked off at the Boat Show details will be communicated.

How it will work

  1. Pre-order your entrance packs from Kewe with your normal course material orders.
  2. You sell them onto your customers.
  3. NB – In order to enter into Miracle Waters, your diver will need to have a pre-filled out Miracle Water indemnity form, in addition they will also need to be wearing their t-shirt and bangle, if they or anyone else in the car do not have these items, they will have to go through a separate registration gate.

0730-Dive-Rally-Email-Banner (2)Marketing collateral

  1. Your dive centre will receive a poster to display and leaflets to hand out.
  2. We will be advertising this at the Lifestyle, Getaway and Dive Show
  3. You will also receive:
  • Email footer banner
  • Facebook Cover Picture
  • An image of what the Poster will look like

If you are interested in being part of this major event please send an email to Peter Driessel, [email protected]

Here is an example of the flyers and poster that will be available for you:

Dive Rally A5 Flyer