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PADI Business Academy (PBA) is the powerful, and hugely successful, business development tool only accessible to PADI members. If you’re looking to increase your business exposure, sales and bottom line profit you can’t afford not to become one of the thousands of successful international PADI Business Academy graduates.

Take a sneak peak at one of our 2014 Business Academies!  Watch the video below:

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Join us for one of the two-day programmes scheduled during 2014.  We know it will inspire, equip and motivate you, helping you prepare your business for unprecedented growth in 2014.

To register for a programme, complete the PBA Registration Form and return it to the Marketing department.  Additional registrants from the same Dive Centre will benefit from a 50% discount and each primary Dive Centre attendee will benefit from a £/€100 credit toward your 2015 Dive Centre renewal.

We look forward to seeing you at one of our PADI Business Academy programmes!

Your PADI Europe, Middle East and Africa Team

WOW, What a Show!

Telegraph Outdoor Adventure and Travel Show (TOATS) takes place at ExCeL, London (UK) over four days in February and is aimed at outdoor adventure seeking, enthusiasts with a love of all things exciting. Activities such as travel, photography, climbing, and watersports are represented at the show.

2014 saw PADI Europe, Middle East and Africa venture into TOATS for the first time and, WOW, what a show it turned out to be!  PADI partnered Canon Cameras UK to market scuba diving, land cameras and underwater photography. And with a hall full of adrenalin junkies for four days it wasn’t a surprise to see them flock to the PADI/Canon stand looking for another seat of the pants adventure.

PADI’s goal at TOATS 2014 was new diver acquisition for our PADI members.  With a Grand Prize Draw, worth a phenomenal £3,000, over 700 potential PADI divers of all ages queued up to enter the draw.  The lucky winner was announced on day four of the show and PADI has since marketed to the new leads captured as a result of exhibiting at TOATS.  We are delighted with the positive feedback we received from having a presence at TOATS 2014 and are excited with the opportunities this opens up to us for 2015.

toats IMG_0047 IMG_0050


Join the eLearning Avalanche

eLearning Survey
Join the eLearning Avalanche
Do you surf the web? Shop online? Have you ever taken part in online learning? A recent study shows that 89% of people aged between 20 and 29 browse, shop and educate themselves online. What does that tell you about the largest demographic of potential scuba divers? Are you ready for them? Sign up for our eLearning Webinar now. Still not convinced?

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Members Love it!

“When speaking to my Instructors and my Open Water students, I hear nothing but praise for the eLearning courses. Instructors are spending less time in classrooms,(…)” Read more
Phil O’Shea – Pavilion Dive Centre, Dubai (UAE)

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Students Love it!

“Well put together, excellent execution.”

“I found it to be easy and convenient and would use it for any future training I intend to do with PADI.”

“It really helped learning in the comfort of my own home and not having to take time off work. I can’t wait to start blowing bubbles underwater!”

Honeymoons, holidays and diving


A honeymoon is the perfect time for happy couples to start diving together, or continue their scuba adventures at their honeymoon destination. To help inspire people to become divers with you either before they go, or whilst enjoying their holiday of a lifetime, we have created the following video: ‘How Deep is Your Love? Go Scuba Diving On Your Honeymoon’ for you to share on your website, social media and email templates –

New Interactive Dive Against Debris Map

Dive Against Debris Map

Scuba divers worldwide remove and report marine debris found below the surface

An interactive map launched by Project AWARE visualizes nearly three years of ongoing reporting by an international network of volunteer scuba divers who remove trash they find underwater through the Dive Against Debris programme.

Dive Against Debris empowers scuba divers around the world to remove and report types and amounts of trash they find underwater. The web-based reporting platform enables divers to submit their data and images online. This information is now being shown on the new interactive Dive Against Debris map, shedding light on the growing marine debris problem that remains largely invisible to the wider public.

“Armed with the information, supported by people on the ground, and working in partnerships, we can drive much needed change for the ocean from two directions: bottom up and top down,” said Ania Budziak, Associate Director of Science and Policy for Project AWARE. “Together, we can change what we produce, consume, and how we dispose of our waste. We can also influence policies necessary to improve how waste is managed locally, regionally and globally.”

Our trash does not belong in the environment yet millions of tons of it enter the ocean each year. So far, the number one type of trash reported by Project AWARE divers is plastic – making up nearly 70 percent of the items. These include single use plastics we throw away everyday like bottles and bags that animals mistake for food as well as fishing line and nets that entangle marine life with devastating consequences. The map, which visualizes more than 400,000 items of debris reported so far, underscores why initiatives to reduce waste are so critical.

Project AWARE’s new Dive Against Debris map represents the first opportunity to instantly visualize what is reported and where on a global scale. The organization hopes to use this information to target debris prevention initiatives, reduce the amount of rubbish entering the ocean and ultimately protect wildlife.

“As scuba divers, we’re able to use our unique skills and knowledge to collect data to show the devastating impacts our waste has on life beneath the waves,” said Budziak. “Project AWARE volunteers who remove and report underwater debris are members of a unique community that contribute to a clean and healthy ocean and also inspire us all to make ocean friendly choices every day.”

View the map to see what divers are finding underwater and get involved at

ScubaEarth gets a revamp!

Great news for divers, it’s easier than ever to sign up for ScubaEarth, the one-stop shop for everything scuba related. The sign-up process is now not only more streamlined, but also compatible on your mobile phones and tablets.

The quick three step process is faster, allowing you to get onto the more important things like logging your dives, connecting with your dive buddies and finding your nearest or favorite dive shop to go diving with.

With over 75,000 divers already on ScubaEarth, you can connect with divers from all over the world, share your love of diving and all that you have seen or want to see.

As a PADI Professional on ScubaEarth, you can be closer than ever with divers in your area allowing them to ask questions about your diving experiences, local diving hot spots or information on continuing their diving education.

So head to to sign-up on your mobile phone, your desktop computer or your tablet to view the changes for yourself!

eLearning Testimonials

eLearning_header_image “When speaking to my Instructors and my Open Water students, I hear nothing but praise for the eLearning courses. Instructors are spending less time in classrooms, more time in the water and the students are showing great results academically proving that eLearning is creating a more knowledgeable and a better prepared student. Because of this, we have all changed our sales pitch. Learning to dive does not involve reading a book anymore. Learn to dive anytime anyplace anywhere with eLearning” Phil O’Shea – Pavilion Dive Centre, Dubai (UAE)

“ELearning empowers students to ask important questions early in the courses enabling our instructors to better prepare confined and open water sessions within the scope of what the students have learned. ELearning by no means diminishes Instructor – student contact but rather emphasizes the scope and focus of what the student has learned allowing us to spend more time to teach diving where it matters…in the water!” Ernst Van der Poll – Pavilion Dive Centre, Dubai (UAE)

“The PADI eLearning Courses have now become an integral part of our dive store in the list of courses we provide. The fact we are a London based dive centre means we cater to a large number of city working divers, who do not always have the time for our normal 2 day Open Water Referral Course. The eLearning now gives them a bit more freedom and flexibility, in turn allowing us to run the courses at very short notice and whenever they choose. Whether it be after work mid-week or 1 day at the weekend. We have seen a large increase in the number of people preferring to take the eLearning option, as even I would lean towards an online theory course compared to a classroom based one.” Neil Thomas, Dive Ops Manager, London School of Diving (UK)

“The PADI e-Learning program has been a tremendous asset to our dive centre over the past few years. With our location on a tropical beach, our guests now have this fantastic option of completing the academic portion of their course online before they travel, thereby avoiding the classroom and going straight to the fun part – the Indian Ocean! Furthermore, we teach many student groups and find that the younger generation is more familiar with learning using online multimedia than the old school way of reading the manual. No matter the students’ age, we find they arrive well prepared with a thorough understanding of diving theory for whichever course they have completed. We have also invested in several desktop computers and wifi internet to create an e-Learning classroom allowing us to offer the program to walk-in customers as well as those who book in advance. The best part is we no longer have to carry a large stock of manuals in many languages, we can simply sign them up for e-learning in whichever language they prefer and they can complete the modules in their own time in the comfort of their hotel room over wifi, or in our e-Learning classroom. Well-done PADI for offering this fantastic program! ” Tammy Holter, Scuba Do Zanzibar

Read about the eLearning Avalanche

Join the eLearning Avalanche

eLearning_header_imageIn 2007 PADI launched eLearning and since then the uptake has snowballed. It is now running at full speed down the mountain and to reap the increased revenue stream of new diver acquisition, and associated continuing education, you need to jump on board.

With so many consumers using the internet to educate themselves these days it follows that these people are a percentage of your future divers. They don’t want to wait for materials to begin learning. They want to learn online and learn now! These people have grown up using the Internet to read and shop and do just about everything else. You need to be ready to capture their web searches when they decide to start diving today.

eLearningWebButtonPADI invites DSD participants to enrol onto the PADI Open Water Diver course. Many of them will simply click the eLearning button in the invitation taking them to the eLearning sign up page where they will affiliate themselves with a PADI Dive Centre to get their PADI. Are you and your website ready for eLearners and the potential boost in profits they bring? Is your Virtual Classroom set up and ready to interact with these customers? Now is the time to upload PADI’s NEW eLearning Banners to your website, Blog, Facebook page and so on to capture new business.

If you’d like to jump on and be part of the eLearning avalanche why not register for our eLearning Webinar during which we’ll give you more insight into the features and benefits of this educational medium. We’ll also provide you with tuition on setting up and enhancing your Virtual Classroom.

And to support you further with your eLearning business development we’ve got a great Sales offer for those of you who attend the webinar. Register today for the Webinar and boost your profits by becoming part of the eLearning avalanche.

PADI divePAL Computer Simulator Intro and Setup

PADI  divePAL Dive Simulator Access Card

With an increasing number of PADI Instructors teaching the dive computer option in Open Water, we now have an improved dive computer simulator. Students can choose from a wide variety of different computers and practice plotting and analyzing their dives.

The simulator is included with the Open Water crewpak 60335 and eLearning crewpak 70821 and also available ala carte (product no. 70275). To see the divePAL computer simulator in action, or preview the set-up process without having to use up an access code, please view the videos below:

Students have the option to download divePAL onto their Windows desktop or laptop, or onto an Apple iPad. Additional divePAL overview videos and tutorials are available on YouTube. Simply search for divePAL.

PADI  divePAL Dive Simulator Access Card (back)

PADI Open Water Touch for iPad is Now Available

PADI Touch access registration code banner
Can’t see the image above? View this post in your web browser.

If you pre-ordered a PADI Open Water Touch – and are an iPad user – the product is now available. Check your email for a message from PADI, or go directly to the PADI Pros Site and follow the instructions below.

  • Android users: sit tight, the Android version will be available later this year.
  • If you did not receive the email, but have purchased an Open Water Touch, simply go directly to the PADI Pro’s Site – where your redemption code resides.

How to Access Your PADI Open Water Touch

First, download the PADI Digital Library app from the iTunes store. While the app is downloading, login to the PADI Pro’s Site from a desktop or laptop device.

After logging in to the PADI Pro’s Site:

  • Click on Online Services from the main menu bar
  • Choose Online Processing Center from the dropdown menu
  • Choose Process Using New PIC Online
  • Accept the Terms and Conditions

From the Online Processing Center

  • Locate the Touch Registrations row (pictured below)
  • Click on the green Available Codes button


Next you’ll be presented with a “Touch Registration Queue.” If you don’t see any codes, utilize the Filter by Purchase Date drop down. Choose 6 months and your pre-order code will appear (see example below). PADI-Touch-Code-Pros-Site

Click Select and you’ll be presented with the student info form below. If you were giving this to a diver, this is where you’d enter their information. Since this is a demo for you as an instructor, please enter your personal information below.

IMPORTANT: for the email field, use your PADI Pro email address.
Your Pro email = the one PADI uses to contact you. It can be found in the My Account section of the PADI Pro’s Site.

PADI Touch registration form

After completing this form, click Confirm. That’s all there is to do on the Pro’s Site. Now it’s time to download the Touch to your iPad.

The next step is to check your email using your iPad. Look for the email from PADI and choose Redeem your registration code here. You’ll then be prompted for verification.

IMPORTANT: when prompted for a Touch login (see example below), first try your Pro’s Site User Name. If this does not work, try the email associated with your PADI Pro account. The password is the same as your Pro’s Site login. If you’re not sure which email to use, go into the My Account section of the Pro’s Site (main menu bar).


The final step is to access your Touch from the PADI Digital Library app.

  • Open the PADI Digital Library app you’ve downloaded from the iTunes store.
  • Login using your Pro’s Site email and Pro’s site password.
  • Click on the Open Water Diver icon to download.

For additional information on managing your Touch codes and certifying your divers, review this help document (PDF)