Discover Scuba Diving Voucher

Over the years of visiting dive shops and dive resorts I have noticed that many operators offer a Discover Scuba Diving Experience (confined water only) free of charge. Many centres find that they do not draw in as many potential new clients as they would like to see. Several years ago I came up with the idea of creating a voucher to give value to the experience.

The idea behind the voucher was that if you gave it a monetary value, the experience would appear to be more appealing. Having a voucher will allow you to go to hotels, banks, corporate offices, schools etc. and give each of these potential new leads a voucher with a value rather than offering the experience free of charge.

Dive centres across my region that have created a voucher have all reported an increase in the number of Discover Scuba Diving experiences and an increase in Entry Level Courses. Please go back and read the articles Proven ways to conduct a Confined Water DSD experience and Recruiting new divers – DSD.

PADI EMEA’s Marketing Department can assist you with custom designing a DSD voucher as seen above, if you would like us to assist you, please send me an email and I will get the ball rolling, please note that that you will need to send me your contact details and a high resolution jpeg of your logo, you will have to decide on the price of this experience, the price I have on the voucher is just a guideline.

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