DUC Shootout 2013

by Bryan Hart,  Durban Undersea Club lo res POSTER 2013 lo resjpgDurban Undersea Club – Photographic Officer

Following the success of the 2012 competition, The DUC Shootout 2013 promises again to provide a format where South African marine underwater stills and video enthusiasts can show case their local or favorite dive destination.

Advances in photographic equipment, lighting techniques and diving equipment are allowing divers to explore and document many new and interesting subjects. From deep wrecks, Coelacanths, shark diving, whales, pristine coral reefs and interesting reef inhabitants, the stretch of coastline from Mozambique to Cape Town has a plethora of underwater photographic and video opportunities!

April has again strategically been chosen as the shooting period for the contest with traditionally stable sea conditions and the school and public holidays allowing divers time to travel  to their favorite destination and conduct multiple dives in good diving conditions.

R300 allows a total of 3 submissions, which can consist of both video and stills, giving the contestant a good chance of getting a placing in the competition!

The DUC Shootout is open to all marine photographic and video enthusiasts at all levels -from the novice with the simplest camera and housing, to the dedicated photographer or videographer. We want to see your best submissions from macro to wide angle, from Cape Town to Mozambique!

Visit www.duc.co.za for details and updates on the competition.

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