Equipment Specialist Touch – Help Your Students Learn about Scuba Gear

Discover Scuba Diving 2012

When learning to dive or improving new skills, student divers have a lot of unfamiliar equipment to get to grips with, from cylinders and regulators, to cameras, exposure suits and dive instruments. Many lack the confidence to learn more about the intricacies of how their gear works, because they believe they lack the mechanical knowledge to do so.

The PADI Equipment Specialist Touch – a comprehensive digital product for iOS and Android mobile devices and accompaniment to the Equipment Specialist course – is a fantastic way to help these students believe in their abilities and teach them the essentials of scuba equipment. The immersive, interactive materials include 3D rotating images, videos and quizzes, giving students a realistic insight into how things work in a fun, easy-to-learn way.

“The Touch product is very easy to sell, we just show customers the product on our iPads. It’s bright, very easy to use with really cool expanding diagrams! We have our own PowerPoint presentation that we used to use, but the Touch covers everything in great detail and is easy to use, also makes for great reference material that they can dip into again at any time plus, frees our time up. It’s a great springboard for putting kit like regulator sets into customers’ hands.

-Kim Langridge, PADI Course Director & Owner, Island Divers

By introducing the PADI Equipment Touch to your student divers and teaching them how and why scuba equipment works, they will understand of the importance of maintaining, servicing and replacing gear when needed. It also helps them make more informed decisions when purchasing new kit – and informed purchases lead to happy customers!

PADI Equipment TouchTo find out more or to purchase the PADI Equipment Specialist Touch, contact your PADI Sales Consultant today!