Growing your business with Facebook


Although Social Media is not the only answer to your marketing needs, it can play a big part in increasing your certifications.  I am going to share a case study from one of my colleagues in the PADI Asia Pacific office, Regional Manager, Jimmy Christrup.

He has a client, Coral Bay Resort in Coron, Palawan which is in the Philippines, who a year ago had 17 fans on their Facebook Page.

They approached Jimmy and asked him what they could do to increase their likes.  Jimmy gave them a presentation of what they could do to include asking their clients what they wanted to see.   Coral Bay Resort then surveyed their customers and asked them they wanted to see on Facebook, what would bring them back to this site?

So how did they increase their fan base from 17 likes, what did they do it and what effect did this have on their certifications?

In September 2012, they began promoting Facebook Adverts, if you are unsure how to create a decent Facebook advertising campaign, go onto YouTube and type in, how to create effective Facebook adverts.  They started spending around US$50 a month on their Facebook campaign.  As already mentioned, they also asked their clients what they wanted to see, this in addition to monitoring their Facebook page to see what postings their clients likes and posted similar articles as to those that got the most likes.

We often neglect what our customers want, they are after all the most important people to your success.  I recommend you ask them what they want to see in your social media campaigns, what specialty course they would like to do, what is on their equipment wish lists, if you are in a non-resort area what are their diving travel aspirations? Knowledge is power, and can also lead to your business success, by recording these facts and using a tool like EVE you could easily compile accurate marketing information and have a tool use it effectively.

Coral Bay Resort started putting their new strategy into effect; they grew their likes by around 4,000 – 6,000 per month, presently 16 April 2013, they have 25,625 likes and more importantly around 2,000 people are either talking about their posts, liking them or sharing them.

Those are really impressive figures, but what has that got to do with your business when you do not have that much time for Social Media campaigns and have more important tasks to complete like servicing regulators, traditional marketing campaigns to attend to, doing your accounts, painting your dive centre, etc.?

Coral Bay Resort have not only increased their total amount of bookings but within the first two months of 2013 increased their certifications by 93% over the same time last year.

Social Media therefore can be one of the tools you use from your marketing toolbox to bring in new clients and keep existing clients active.  If you do not have the time to do Social Media look into hiring someone for an hour a day or use your instructors or divemasters to look after your various Social Media campaigns.

If you would like assistance with your social media campaign, please call or email your Regional Manager, Peter Driessel, mobile: +27 82 570 5763, email: [email protected] to set up a personal, telephonic or a meeting using a Google Hangout or Skype.

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