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Do you surf the web? Shop online? Have you ever taken part in online learning? A recent study shows that 89% of people aged between 20 and 29 browse, shop and educate themselves online. What does that tell you about the largest demographic of potential scuba divers? Are you ready for them? Sign up for our eLearning Webinar now. Still not convinced?

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Members Love it!

“When speaking to my Instructors and my Open Water students, I hear nothing but praise for the eLearning courses. Instructors are spending less time in classrooms,(…)” Read more
Phil O’Shea – Pavilion Dive Centre, Dubai (UAE)

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Students Love it!

“Well put together, excellent execution.”

“I found it to be easy and convenient and would use it for any future training I intend to do with PADI.”

“It really helped learning in the comfort of my own home and not having to take time off work. I can’t wait to start blowing bubbles underwater!”