National Boat Show and Dive Expo media campaign

As part of the National Boat Show and Dive Expo PADI have entered into an agreement with the organisers of the show and Radio Highveld to promote scuba diving and the show.Image

We will do this by giving away 35 Discover Scuba confined water experiences and 10 Open Water Courses.

This will be done through 94.7 (Highveld stereo) and their Ground Patrol who are an exciting group of young guys and girls that hit the streets every day in three branded Kia vehicles, keeping 94.7 (Highveld stereo) in touch with its listeners.  Our courses will be mentioned on air and the vouchers you see in this article will be given to the general public that find the ground patrol vehicles and claim the vouchers.

PADI are asking our registered dive centres to redeem the vouchers and give away a course or experience to the voucher holder at their expense, PADI will in turn provide the crew-pak and PIC.  If you are not prepared to partake in this offer, please notify Peter Driessel, 082 570 5763, or the PADI Marketing Department.


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