PADI App Feature: Travel Section


The PADI App ‘Travel’ section features in-depth information on a huge number of diving destinations around the globe. Your customers can use the PADI App Travel Section to browse destination essentials, dive site summaries and travel information to help them make a decision on where to book their next scuba vacation.

PADI Members benefit from the PADI App Travel section in three key ways:

  1. It inspires divers to come diving in your local diving destination
  2. It inspires divers to book onto dive trips you are organising elsewhere
  3. It acts a handy reference guide to use alongside existing customers when talking about diving destinations across the world.

The PADI App Travel Section is regularly reviewed and updated to include must-know information on scuba destinations both within Europe, Middle East and Africa regions and other global territories. If you don’t see a specific diving destination in the PADI App Travel section, or you want to send a suggestion to add more information to existing listings, please contact the PADI Marketing department.

The completely revamped PADI App is now available for Apple iOS and Android-based devices. Visit the App Store or Google Play Store to download it today!