PADI ReActivate™ FAQ Part 2: Certification Cards



What will appear on the ReActivated certification card?

The card will look similar to the existing certification cards but will have an extra “ReActivated On” date on the photo side of the card along with the diver’s original certification date.

What level card will this be tied to?

The ReActivate date can be placed on any PADI certification card the diver has earned, including Project AWARE cards* and all specialty diver ratings as long as it was a course requiring open water dives. For example, an Equipment Specialist certification card can’t be used. The ReActivate program covers scuba fundamentals, regardless of the card the diver chooses.

*additional donation fee will apply

What if the diver is a non-PADI diver and not in the system?

On launch, only PADI certified divers can ReActivate. In the future, if the diver doesn’t have a PADI certification, the diver receives a special ReActivate card that is not a certification card, but still acknowledges that the diver refreshed basic knowledge and skills.

Does the “ReActivated” card expire?


What if a diver got certified as a Junior Open Water Diver and now qualifies for Open Water Diver certification card?

Although not required, ReActivate is a great way to upgrade Junior divers to an “adult” card. These divers benefit from refreshing their knowledge and skills, and can get a ReActivate date on their new Open Water Diver card to confirm it.

If I have an eCard, will the “ReActivated On” date appear on my phone?

On initial launch, ReActivate dates will not appear on eCards. In the future, this option may be possible.

What if a diver needs to replace a certification card but has only completed half of the ReActivate program?

A diver can replace a card at any time, but it will not have a ReActivate date unless the entire program is completed.