Sharks International Symposium 2014

During the first week of June, Ania Budziak, Project AWARE Science and Policy Associate Director was at the International Shark Conference in Durban, South Africa where leading shark experts from around the world gathered to share current trends, identify gaps in shark and ray research and conservation, and discuss what’s in store for sharks in the future. The conference was followed by the IUCN Manta & Devil Ray Global Conservation Strategy Workshop: a review of the global conservation status of all species of manta and devil rays with the aim to develop detailed conservation actions required to conserve these species worldwide.

Sharks International, Durban South Africa

Sharks International, 2 – 6 June – Durban, South Africa with Ania Budziak, Project AWARE Associate Director Science and Policy

Sharks International was one of the many events where Project AWARE represented the voice of divers during June World Ocean Month. Now the team is looking forward to supporting you during the global Finathon campaign in July and Debris Month of Action in September!

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