Top 5 reasons to start scuba diving with PADI


The top 5 reasons to start a scuba diving adventure with PADI – TODAY!

PADI is the largest scuba diver training organisation in the world.

This is not by chance. PADI has remained at the forefront of diver training for nearly 50 years with its innovative, cutting edge system of diver training. This system allows divers to learn in the way that best suits them, with a comprehensive choice of self-study, online learning or instructor-led styles and complete range of supporting materials and interactive media. With PADI issuing nearly a million certifications each year, and a safety record to be proud of, it’s not surprising that PADI is the number one choice for divers around the globe.

PADI is international.

PADI credentials are recognised and respected in over 180 countries, so divers know they will be recognised and welcomed wherever they travel.

PADI has high quality standards.

PADI is involved in the development of European Norms and ISO recognition for diving, and takes a leading role in organisations such as the Recreational Scuba Training Council. This reflects its status as an influential stakeholder working to ensure that diving is the safest and most accessible it can be. Mirrored with these global efforts, PADI works tirelessly at a local level to enhance diver safety, progress good environmental practice and attract new divers into the sport.

PADI is diverse.

With more PADI dive centers and instructors worldwide than any other diver training organisation, PADI has more courses for divers to choose from and more holidays, adventures and experiences for divers to take part in. That means more business for PADI Members and more satisfied PADI divers.

PADI is a community.

ScubaEarthTM, PADI`s new one-stop website for everything scuba, pulls all aspects of the dive community together. So whether diving locally, diving abroad or exploring online, the PADI system is the winning combination for both PADI Members and PADI divers.


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